Texans, McNair family donate to new playground at Mission of Yahweh

Texans chairman and CEO Cal McNair and Texans foundation vice president Hannah McNair launched a new playground during a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday at the Mission of Yahweh.

The family, including founder Janice McNair, donated $50,000 to support the construction of a new playground dedicated to the families that live at the faith-based shelter.

The Mission of Yahweh has empowered, enriched and restored the lives of homeless women and children, and provided outreach services to low-income communities since 1961.

"It's going to be a state-of-the-art playground," said Texans ambassador and retired offensive lineman Chester Pitts, who attended the ceremony. "The best part of it for me is seeing all of the smiles on the kids' faces. They were champing at the bit to use the new playground. It's reminiscent of when we were kids. It was a real treat to see that. From the McNair family to always constantly be giving back to the wonderful city of Houston, it's a beautiful thing."

Aaron Wilson has covered the NFL for 20 years and has previously written for The Houston Chronicle and The Baltimore Sun. He’s on Twitter: @AaronWilson_NFL and Instagram: @aaronwilson7128

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