The Padres Are Falling Apart At The Seams

Ahhh San Diego. The home of great weather, great Mexican food, Ron Burgundy and the Padres. Earlier this year, the Padres made a series of signings and trades in hopes of turning the franchise around. To an extent, it worked! At least during the first part of the season. Since the All-Star break, the Padres have definitely fallen off. And, it only got worse. They thought they had a deal for Nationals star pitcher Max Scherzer, only for the big brothers from Los Angeles, the Dodgers, to swoop in, grab Scherzer and his teammate Trae Turner and remind the Padres who their real daddy is.

The Padres season is spiraling out of control and as of last night, it's only getting worse.

You hate to see it. Actually you don't. Especially you Astro fans. Those series against the Padres were brutal. Game winning homer by Tatis Jr. in Houston and then a walk off homer by Cronenworth back in San Diego earlier this month. So yeah, on second thought, screw them.

The Padres will always find a way to, well, be the Padres. They never win anything and are usually a punching bag for the rest of the league. This year is proving to be no different. Good luck next year San Diego. Better pray to you Padre.

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