Independent Baseball Team Gets Back At Fan

Baseball is the best. It's nicknamed America's Pastime for a reason. While the Major Leagues are fun, the Minor Leagues can be even more fun. And, while the Minor Leagues are more fun, the Independent Leagues are even more fun than that.

The Inedpendent League, well, they're independent. Meaning they do things a little differently in their leagues. They have more fun with the fans, the players, and they go out of their way to do great things to make sure people have the best time at the ballpark. Same goes for the mascots of those teams.

So there's this team in Portland, Oregon named the Portland Pickles. Well this pickle got into it and little with a fan on twitter.

Just so you don't have to click on the link, I'll hit you with the government's favorite technical feature, zoom and enhance. Here's the pictures in the tweet.

I love this. Some people just need to be put in there place. And, to trick a dude into giving you his address so you can drop off a "mystery gift", it's genius. You gassed him up thinking he was going to get a jersey only to deliver a letter telling him to pipe down. God, I love it. As for the guy who hit 100 followers, well, pipe down dude because...

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