Somebody Tell Bill O'Brien That Houston Is About The Astros, Not The Texans

Look I want every team in this city to win. I want to celebrate titles for all three franchises. I live and die with all three and that will never change. I am biased towards baseball and the Astros yes, but statements like this from Bill O'Brien are just inaccurate. This city isn't about football right now and it won't be for some time. This city is about baseball. It's about the Houston Astros. The team that can win it all. The team that has recently won it all. The team that doesn't pee in our face and tell us it's rain. I want the Texans to win the Super Bowl this year. I know, like most of you do, that the chances of that happening are insanely slim. Until you win the whole thing, Bill, don't tell us what our city is about.

Houston Texans v Denver Broncos

Houston Texans v Denver Broncos

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