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Narcissist Snake LeBron James is Planning to Build His Final Super Team

Listen to YouTube sports documentarian Jay Skapinac of the YouTube channel Skap Attack discuss LeBron James' clandestine offseason that could potentially see the 40-year-old make a power move to team up with his son Bronny, podcast partner JJ Redick, and a pack of other future Hall of Famers to form one final super team to appease the 'self-obsessed narcissist.'

Check out the video above as Skapinac details why he believes LeBron could end up in Phoenix with fellow 'league-destroying super-teaming snake' Kevin Durant after the Suns draft Bronny with the 22nd pick in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Jay Skapinac: “As the Celtics and Mavericks set to vie for the 2024 NBA Championship, LeBron James, who has won just two playoff series TOTAL in the last four years, continues to work behind the scenes at his last grand masterpiece -- the final paint stroke of the narcissist, self-obsessed, super team-building maestro. 
While it remains unlikely that James leaves LA this summer, there are some interesting smoke signals being sent up in the air from Bron’s camp that might just be indicative of one final stab at a super team coming in the most utterly obvious of locations. If LeBron James is the father of the modern-day super team, his greatest disciple is none other than the ‘Slim Reaper’ Kevin Durant, who has been slithering his way in the path blazed by LeBron for years now. 
Durant was actually born into the NBA on a super team, privileged enough to find himself on a roster with two other future league MVPs in Russell Westbrook and James Harden. As we know though, that simply wasn't enough. If KD's principal foil and main counterpart during his prime, LeBron James, was gallivanting around the league hopping from super team to super team, why couldn't Durant do the same? 
Now all roads have led us to this... KD in Phoenix with two other superstars in Devin Booker and Bradley Beal, while LeBron sits in LA with that looming player option he can opt out of on June 29th. All indications remain that he intends to do just that on June 29th, which is coincidentally a few days after the NBA's pending Draft, which will be held on June 26th and 27th. 
News broke via Bronny James' agent and his daddy's best friend, Rich Paul, that Junior James will officially be remaining in this year's NBA draft, and despite his holy undeserving resume, he does figure to be drafted. That is in no small part thanks to Daddy opting out of his contract with the Lakers and pressuring them to use their 55th pick on Bronny in the June 27th second round to assure LeBron doesn't decide to leave LA when he opts out a few days later on the 29th. 
Then there is that tiny little looming decision on just who will be the next Lakers head coach. You know, the decision LeBron is reportedly ‘leaving up to the front office’, yet JJ Redick, the co-host of LeBron's propaganda podcast and general all-around LeBron sycophant, has mysteriously surfaced as the favorite to secure that job. It is so obvious the Lakers are in a desperate full court press to court LeBron into accepting a max contract and ending his career in LA. 
But if LeBron does indeed follow through with his plan to opt out of his contract, this will mark the fifth time in his career he has done so. Of the previous four times, twice he has signed new deals to remain on the same team, and twice he has taken his talents to a new city. 
There is some suspicious maneuvering underway pertaining to Bronny James, as despite Bronny receiving requests to work out for 10 other teams, agent Rich Paul has cancelled all but the Lakers and the Phoenix Suns. Yeah, because what they DESPERATELY need there with their 22nd and only pick in the Draft is another undersized combo guard that didn't even break a 5-point per game average on a bad college team. 
Of course they don't, but they sure would like to add to their super team that embarrassingly got swept out of the playoffs in the first round with the king of super teams himself. Current Phoenix Suns general manager, James Jones, sure does know a thing or two about super teams, as he was a teammate of LeBron in both Miami and Cleveland. 
While the Lakers humiliatingly continued to trip all over themselves to do whatever LeBron wants, which in addition to trying to draft Bronny AND hire Redick, also includes bringing in a list of players that could consist of DeMar DeRozan, Tobias Harris, or even the bloated corpse of Chris Paul.
 Do not be surprised if somehow, someway, Phoenix is LeBron's actual endgame. If not this season, perhaps in an upcoming one. 
After all, a pairing of these two league-destroying super-teaming snakes is almost just too perfect to pass on.” 

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