Career and Recovery Resources' great leader Dr. Vernus Swisher is retiring


Kelly Young is the new CEO of Career and Recovery Resources (CRR) and with her is Dr. Vernus Swisher, retiring CEO of Career AND Recovery Resources. Indeed, our friend Vern is retiring after 23 years of great service. He leaves a healthy and dynamic non-profit in the capable hands of a leader who will not only keep it going strong but also lead it for the next generation.

On Tuesday, June 25th, Career and Recovery Resources is honoring Vern with this year's 23rd Annual Barrier Breaker Award Luncheon and Retirement Tribute to Dr. Vernus Swisher. They also honor JP Morgan Chase & Co as an outstanding corporate Leader and underwriter. You can go to to be a part of it and to find out how you can help CRR guide folks back to employment.

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