Houston Petset: For the Animals


Tena Lundquist Faust and Tama Lundquist are co-presidents of Houston Petset. They advocate for animals and their right to be treated with respect, from supporting reasonable legislation which would require people to give their animals proper shelter (currently a chain and tree qualifies as shelter for a dog) to reasonable spay and neuter programs and educating the public about animal overpopulation and the misery it causes. Because it's a human problem. The city of Houston spends hundreds of millions of dollars answering calls about stray animals. Most of the animals they trap are then euthanized because there aren't enough people willing to adopt them. But this is not true in the northern states and we discuss Houston Petset's red bus of hope in which animals are bussed up north and adopted out to thankful families.

Go to www.houstonpetset.org and take part in Houston Petset's 15th anniversary gala: Fierce and Fabulous Soirée on September 14th.

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