Texans at a Crossroads Entering the '17 Draft


Texans Draft Notebook: Texans at a Crossroads with their 2017 First Round Draft Pick


If the Houston Texans want one of the top end quarterbacks in the 2017 NFL Draft, they are going to have to get out of their comfort zone to make it happen.

Sitting at #25 overall, the Houston Texans have a key decision to make that could test how the organization views their first round selections. Since general manager Rick Smith arrived to the organization, the first round selection usually involves a prospect drafted to be a starting at some point during the season. 

Over the course of the first round picks, they all have been a day one starter. 

Now, the Texans biggest need is the quarterback position and how and when they address it through the draft is key. Smith and head coach Bill O’Brien have both this off-season mentioned that the Texans will have 3 to 4 quarterbacks on the team when training camp arrives. 

That time has almost arrived when the Texans reveal how will use their top overall pick in the upcoming draft but in which direction will they go? Do they address the now or the future? 

The Texans could easily go with a now pick in the first round, taking an offensive tackle or possibly a defensive back or pass rusher to helped sustain the defense, and many would understand the move. That would be addressing the now and the player taken in this circumstance could be a selection with whom most onlookers would be ok, a foundational piece for the now. 

The reoccurring theme remains the quarterback position and how the Texans address it. Could this be the year when the Texans finally take a quarterback prior to the third round? More importantly, will the team splurge in the first round? 

The Texans would have to be willing to go outside of their comfort zone and possibly miss a season of looking for an instant return for what could be a long term option at the elusive position which they have been trying to fill since Matt Schaub had a meltdown in 2013.

Whether there is enough equity for the Texans to move up and make their selection ultimately depends where in the draft they want to move up to take their player. There is enough for the Texans, in the draft pick bank, to make it happen if they wanted their particular prospect. 

Entering one of the more interesting drafts in recent years, the Texans have to weigh the now against the long term future of the quarterback position. This consideration could have easily been a reason that the Texans were aggressive last off-season, making moves for offensive personnel to get the skill group in place for whomever the quarterback is. 

The Texans are set up, from a roster standpoint, to get a player who can help for the now or the long term. Tom Savage’s status as currently under contract leaves some mystery to where the Texans will go in the first round, especially with the team verbally backing him to the public. Despite this, what is disclosed to the public means very little; the Texans have kept their plans well under wraps and now the time is closing in for the Texans. 

Do they continue to play it safe and focus on the now? Or does the franchise finally take the plunge to develop a first round quarterback for the long term good of the franchise?

This draft is showing the crossroads in the organization, giving key indicators on which of two directions they could be headed.

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Koch and Kalu

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