State of the Texans Notebook: Texans Topple the Browns

One thing that continues to stand out is the impact in the locker room by two players new to the Texans going into 2018: Tyrann Mathieu and Justin Reid. The safety duo are the perfect storm of a veteran trying to prove the team that cut him wrong and a rookie looking to convince the league that his 3rd round selection in the 2018 NFL Draft was a mistake. Together, they have changed the complexion of the Texans safety group. Mathieu impacts the dynamics in the locker room with his leadership and an edge that the defense knows it can count on. The edge that he brings to the table is one that is backed up on the field with his play where he is not afraid to speak his mind when needed. Mathieu, after a dropped interception, threw his red gloves to the sideline in disgust after missing an opportunity, as he told us in the locker room, “I want that one back.”

There is a growing sentiment inside the organization that Mathieu will be a priority to keep in Houston for the long term and, more importantly, Mathieu wants to stay in Houston.

As for Reid, he is a well beyond his years as a rookie, almost wise to a point. Credit his brother, Eric, for getting him ready for the NFL, his parents for how he was influenced growing up, and what he was able to accomplish at Stanford, both in the class room and on the football field. There is a gravitation to Reid when he speaks and he is a perfect fit for what Mathieu brings to the team. They glance each other and the two are always smiling. Their lockers right next to each other.

Also, add in Demaryius Thomas and what he has been able to bring to the locker room. The addition of Mathieu, Reid, and Thomas have really changed the dynamics inside the Texans locker room which is translating to results on the field.

Improved Running Game

There has been a discussion regarding the improved running game for the Texans and where it starts. Center Nick Martin talked with us after the win over the Browns about the big difference for the offensive line.

“Just staying consistent, you know, we are working after practice, during practice,” Martin said of the Texans success running the ball. “Film session with the o-line, it is just not the o-line. Lamar (Miller) is doing an unbelievable job, same with (Alfred) Blue. Deshaun (Watson) is getting us to the right play and I will tell you what, our receivers, DT (Demaryius Thomas), he can block.”

The offensive line has been getting the credit they deserve but Martin knows the unit has work to do, starting with its cohesion as a unit.

“You have to have five guys trying to be one every play,” Martin continued. “It is not easy, we are working at it.”

The past three games, the Texans have rushed for 139 yards against Washington, 281 against Tennessee, and 187 against Cleveland while the line opened up good lanes for Miller and Blue.

“We want to run the ball every play,” Martin explained. “We get excited; we get extra excited the way we are running the ball.”

The Texans rank 4th in the NFL in rushing yards per game which is helping take pressure off of Deshaun Watson, no longer feeling he has to carry the offense on his own.

“There is nothing better than running the ball down someone’s throat,” Martin said after the win. “It is old school ball, it is fun for everyone.”

Senio Kelemete on the Offensive Line Becoming One

One of the free agent additions, Senio Kelemete, has been a consistent force at the left guard position and helps provide steady play at the position. Kelemete acknowledged that the offensive line struggled to start the season but has been able to settle down as a group.

“I think everyone is just, we are all on the same page, honestly,” Kelemete said of the offensive line play. “Everyone is communicating up front at the line of scrimmage. Really, everyone is doing their job, that is what we tell each other every day. Just do your job and we will be fine.”

The Texans were giving up sacks and hits on Deshaun Watson but Kelemete knew that the offensive line would be fine.

“In the beginning of the season, it was a little rough,” Kelemete explained. “That shows the type of character we have in the room. We knew we were close. It is paying off now. You see out there we are running the ball well and protecting Deshaun better. It doesn’t matter who goes down, the next man mentality is for everyone.”

Injury Updates:

  • Johnathan Joseph was injured late in the second quarter with a right shoulder injury trying to make a tackle on Browns RB Nick Chubb. He was ruled out for the second half. In the locker room, Joseph said he was going to be alright despite not returning to the field on Sunday.
  • LB Brennan Scarlett was lost for the game due to a leg injury.
  • OT Kendall Lamm exited the game with a concussion to start the 4th quarter. OL Martinas Rankin replaced him at right tackle.
  • OG Zach Fulton missed the 4th quarter due to a left hand injury, OL Greg Mancz filled in for him at right guard.

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