What Does This Rumor Mean For Carlos Correa's Future Contract?

At the moment, Carlos Correa is in a bit of a funk at the plate, but overall he is having the best season of any free agent to be shortstop out there. He and the Astros were not close when it came to negotiations in spring training and from his side, for good reason. Without a doubt, Correa has outplayed what the Astros offered him before the season started. So how much will he end up landing? If this rumor ends up playing out, Carlos Correa is really about to get PAID.

Javier Baez is a good player that is having a bad season. Javier Baez is nowhere near worth 200 million plus. If there is a team dumb enough to pay him that much, good luck to you. You will regret it. If he lands that much, Correa is easily going to get to 300 million (which I already think he will).

It will be an interesting winter for the shortstop market. Here's to hoping that Correa and the Astros can come together and get something done.

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Baltimore Orioles v Houston Astros

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