Sean Unfiltered Episode 9 11-9-18

In episode #9 of #SEANUNFILTERED, Sean Salisbury & Rachael Van Oranje dissect the Steelers-Panthers game; are the Steelers the best team in the league now? Or are we overreacting? 

-Eric Reid is a perpetual VICTIM
-Should prostitution be legalized? A guy in Kansas has a compelling argument...
-Are MLB's "stars" replaceable and ultimately irrelevant?
-Preview NFL games
-Is the AFC the NFL's powerhouse?
-The Rockets are tragic, go ahead and crown the Warriors.
-Rachael is terrified of going to Philly for SNF.. which brings the question: ARE PHILLY FANS THE ABSOLUTE WORST?!?

Sean Salisbury

Sean Salisbury

Sean Salisbury is a longtime sportscaster who has covered the Houston market for many years talking Texans, Astros, Rockets & much more. He has worked as an TV analyst for ESPN shows like NFL Live & SportsCenter, and served as both an NFL & CFL... Read more


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