Sean Unfiltered Episode 11 11-21-18


Today's FESTIVE 11th episode of the #SEANUNFILTERED Podcast focuses on the " 5 F's of THANKSGIVING!": Friends, Family, Fried Food, &.... FOOTBALL! Plus, HOLIDAY TRADITIONS, Black Friday & Booze.

- WRATH of SEAN: Don't be THAT GUY at the Holiday gathering that starts drama! (& don't get drunk if you can't handle it!

)- NFL POWER RANKINGS - Rachael & Sean rank their top 5 teams, RIGHT NOW.

- OFFENSE OFFENSE OFFENSE! The New Era of the NFL! (How will defenses EVER adjust?)

- It's RIVALRY weekend in College football! Will the playoff picture get disrupted?- Who does Saban fear the most, in the playoffs?

- Should Sam Darnold start on Sunday, VS the Patriots?

- Where does Bradley Beal go from here?

- Will Lebron be welcomed back home?

- Sean loves sweet potatoes... as long as they aren't TOO sweet...- Rachael defends the Texans fan base... (for once!)

Sean Salisbury

Sean Salisbury

Sean Salisbury is a longtime sportscaster who has covered the Houston market for many years talking Texans, Astros, Rockets & much more. He has worked as an TV analyst for ESPN shows like NFL Live & SportsCenter, and served as both an NFL & CFL... Read more


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