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Astros finally snap 5 game losing streak yesterday

More on Astros

THE BIG ONE Question of the Day: What are 3 things everyone 16 and older should know how to do?

Connor’s Double Play                                                                                                                                                      


Talked about the Astros win on Sunday

Took calls on the Big One

Salisbury Stakeout

Bill Walton called a White Sox game over the weekend and it was fantastic

What player or announcer would you like to switch sports?


Wrath of Sean – Antonio Brown is becoming a joke

Sean wants to train Adam at QB with MC as his WR and document the whole thing

We have some problems so far this preseason and it has to do with officiating


Steve Sparks joins the show as he does every week to talk Astros and the rough stretch of baseball

Talked about the Big One

How much should DeShaun Watson play in the next game?

Sean Salisbury

Sean Salisbury

Sean Salisbury is a longtime sportscaster who has covered the Houston market for many years talking Texans, Astros, Rockets & much more. He has worked as an TV analyst for ESPN shows like NFL Live & SportsCenter, and served as both an NFL & CFL... Read more


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