This Is A Public Service Announcement For All Texans Fans

Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus. They did it. They actually went out and drafted a QB. Well, I mean, they needed a QB...OH WAIT THEY DIDN'T BECAUSE THERE'S ALREADY 3 ON THE F****** ROSTER!!! I mean, c'mon! What are they doing?!?!

I hate writing this, I really do. And, this is a last resort for me personally, but, I have to say it anyway. This is a public service announcement for all you fans of the "Houston" Texans.


Now I want to make this clear, this is not an indictment on Davis Mills. I'm sure he's a great guy and he just had his NFL dream come true. You can't be mad at him at all and if you are, stop it. He doesn't decide who's going to draft him. And of course he's going to ball out and give it his all. You would too if you got your dream job.

This is an indictment however of the Texans bumbling front office. "Bumbling" is putting it very kindly. First off, Cal McNair told us that Jack Easterby, Houston's favorite "pastor," would NOT be involved in the team's player personal decisions. If that's the case, THEN WHY IS HE NEXT TO NICK CASERIO IN THE DRAFT ROOM?!?

So Cal McNair lied to you, the fans, again. Why do you continue to root for a team whos owner is a pathological liar that doesn't give a damn about you? He's basically like the girlfriend who keeps cheating on you and for some reason, you keep defending her decision and blaming yourself. Stop rooting for them! Stop it. Get some help.

Next, the actual draft pick. This draft pick means the Watson era is most likely over. And, that's not fair to Watson because nothing in his legal battle has been proven yet. Second, you signed Tyrod Taylor and literally traded away a draft pick for Ryan Finley WHO WAS GOING TO BE CUT BY THE BENGALS ANYWAY SO WHY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH WOULD YOU TRADE AWAY AN ASSET WHEN YOU COULD HAVE SIGNED HIM FOR NOTHING!!!

So let's just say that Watson stays on the roster. That makes Mills the 3rd QB on the depth chart. So in that case, you drafted a 3rd round QB in order to be the backup for your backup.....that's what you draft a 6th round QB for. Not a 3rd rounder. Even if Watson leaves, Mills is still going to be 3rd on the depth chart behind Finley until he beats out Finley. And, lets say he does beat out Finley and Finley sits most of the season or gets cut. If that happens, then it's equivalent to just setting money on fire because that's what you did with the draft pick you used to trade away for Finley. You could have used that pick to draft a spot you need. But, nope. Right now, it looks like they traded that draft pick for a single corn chip.

And, don't even get me started on Nico Collins, the other 3rd round draft pick that they traded up to take. Again, nothing against Collins, but they gave up way too much to get him. This year's 4th and 5th rounder, and a 4th round pick next year. That is way too much to give up for a 3rd round pick that, throughout history, they've missed on.

I'll wrap up on this and I'll say it again, stop giving the Texans your money. They don't care about the franchise. They don't care about this city. They don't care about you, the fans. They. Don't. Care. The only way that anything changes is if you stop giving them your money. Change only happens when the bottom financial line is affected. I called them the "Houston" Texans because they only use the name of the city because of location purposes. They don't care about the city at all. They don't care about the people at all. Stop giving the Texans your money. Don't buy gear. Don't buy novelties. Don't buy jerseys. Don't buy tickets. Don't give the Texans your money. Plain and simple. As Adam Clanton says, "Poverty. Franchise."

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