Did This Kid Go Overboard With His Celebration? Spoiler Alert: No He Didn't

Dude. Shut up. Let the kids play!!!

Let me set the scene here. This kid plays for Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, TX. They were down 8-0, but, were able to battle back. However, in the 9th inning, they were still down. Then this kid, Gregory Ozuna, with 2 outs in the 9th inning, hit an absolute bomb over the fence to give WBU a 13-12 lead. WBU held on to that lead and won the game which makes it even better. But, all anyone could talk about was the home run celebration that went viral.

I'm all for home run celebrations and I absolutely love this dude hitting a piss missile to give his team the lead. But, of course, the baseball purists, like Jeff here with his tweet, are up in arms saying it's a disgrace to the game.

Stop it. Shut up. Get some help. Go cry. The ironic thing is these are the same type of people who cry that baseball isn't growing as a sport and they can't help but wonder why. Well, maybe its because you cry like a little bitch when some kids, who I may remind you will be the future of baseball, are celebrating and having fun. Let the boys play!

Even Gary Sheffield, a baseball legend when I was growing up, agrees.

If you're a pitcher who frowns on bat flips and gets mad when the runner rounds third base and come home, do yourself a favor. Pitch better. Don't leave a ball hanging over the middle of the plate. No one gets mad at you when you celebrate a strikeout. So don't get mad at the batter celebrating a homer.

If you're a fan who frowns on bat flips and thinks it's disrespecting the game, also do yourself a favor. Stop watching. We don't need your "old man yells at cloud" takes. You're that type of fan who wonders why the game wont grow. Want the answer? Look in the mirror pal. You're part of the reason why the sport won't grow. Do what Gary Sheffield said and get out of here.