Trip Advisor List About Best BBQ Cities Doesn't Include Houston Or Texas

No, Mr. Castro, unfortunately this is not a joke. Here's a closer look at the list.

via Trip Advisor and Chef's Pencil

This is the time to point out that Houston is not on this list. On top of that, THERE IS NOT A SINGLE CITY IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS ON THIS LIST. Oh and it gets much better. They also included a list of the worst cities for BBQ in the United States.

via Trip Advisor and Chef's Pencil

For the list of the worst cities for BBQ, there are not 1, not 2, not 3, BUT 4 CITIES IN THE STATE OF TEXAS THAT THEY SAY ARE THE WORST CITIES.

I have no idea what these guys are smoking but whatever it is, I want some because these guys are clearly high out of their minds. I'm from California, where the BBQ is decent but it's nowhere near the level of Texas. I had The Pit Room when I moved here and that BBQ nearly changed my life. It was like I saw the light of God when I bit into those ribs for the first time. Meat falling off the bone, mac and cheese with only the cheesiest of cheeses, and sauce so good it makes your mouth water and crave more. It was like I became reborn. Seriously, go give The Pit Room some love and order that BBQ.

Anyhow, I think we can all agree that this list is the most bogus, stupid and head scratching list ever put out about BBQ. First off, Memphis, Kansas City and Nashville are also not on the best BBQ list so that right there should tell you it's bogus. But, leaving off all of Texas and then just blasting Texas BBQ as the worst in the country, c'mon now. That's just stupid.

Now please excuse me while I go chow down on a rack of ribs.