This Is A PSA To All Fans Of All Sports

I honestly don't know where to even start with this. So I guess I'll just start with the most recent event. Last night, we had another fan get involved in an NBA game in Washington D.C.

Before that, we had a fan throw a water bottle at Kyrie Irving in Boston.

Before that, we had the fan spitting on Trae Young in New York.

And, before that, we had the fan dumping popcorn on Russell Westbrook in Philadelphia.

And I haven't even mentioned the fans in Utah shouting racial slurs at Ja Morant's family during their playoff game.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, "fans have done this throughout history, it's part of the game." First off, it's not part of the game. The game takes place on the field where fans don't belong. Second, yes, fans have done this before, however, all five of these incidents listed above have happened within the past week. And I'm also not including fans fighting in the stands either because then the list would be ten times as long.

I don't know if it's just fans hating on the NBA, but, this happens in all sports with fans running on the field and/or throwing things at players. We get it every football season with some dumbass running around on the field. Hell, it happened during the Super Bowl earlier this year. And we get it every year during baseball season where some ass clown does something stupid with a player or run on the field.

My point is this, if you buy a ticket, behave yourself. It's not that hard. I know some of you think that because you buy a ticket, you reserve the right to do whatever the hell it is you want. Well, do yourself a favor, flip the ticket over, and read the back of it. Those are rules on the back and you need to follow them.

I'm personally sick and tired of idiotic morons taking over a game by doing something incredibly stupid. How would you react if someone threw something at you? You'd immediately look for who threw it and then go fight them. And if you say "I wouldn't do that," then you're lying to yourself. You fans who act like this, who treat the players like their just a show and they owe you something, stop it. Get some help. You're ruining the game for literally everyone else in the stands watching and you're ruining it for the players. You fans are acting like you were in a literal prison during Covid and know you're getting your first taste of the sweet air of freedom. Just knock it off. The people that clap when you do something stupid are clapping at security and the cops for arresting your dumb ass.

If you run out on the field or you throw something or shout obscenities or something racist at a player, then I just feel sorry for you that you feel that you need that kind of validation in your life to make yourself feel cool. You're not cool, you're not funny, you're not going to be remembered, and no one cares. You're just a ******* idiot.