Syllabus For "How To Run An NFL Team Like The Texans" By Professor George

1 - All grades will be discretion based, NOT on if you answer questions right or wrong

2 - If you get a C in the class you will be considered top of the class

3 - It is not my job to have you prepared for tests

4 - The class will always start on time, however, I will not be focusing on the clock and can let the class out whenever

5 - If you dislike my class, attendance is still mandatory

6 - Class will always be indoors with the windows and door shut

7 - The expectation is for you to be a Busy Bee at all times

8 - If you aren't what I determine as a Busy Bee then I can drop you from the class without warning

9 - At the beginning of each class we will recite It's Football Time In Houston

10 - The students do not run the classroom

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
The A-Team

The A-Team

Adam Clanton & Adam Wexler are The A-Team! Talking all things Houston sports & more!


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