Hinch on buzzers - "I have never seen any such device used in baseball."

Former Astros manager A.J. Hinch felt compelled to clarify his comments to Tom Verducci of SI and MLB Network questioning the use of buzzers in 2019. Hinch in a statement said the following:
“After my interview with Tom Verducci last week, there has been a significant reaction to my answer to the ‘buzzer’ question. To be clear, I have never seen any such device used in baseball. I am not aware of any such device existing or being utilized with the Astros, the players, or any other team.
“I was first asked about such devices during the investigation by MLB. In my interview with Tom, I acknowledged the commissioner’s report as evidence due to the in-depth nature of the investigation, not as an intended non-answer or a way to elude the question.”

Here is the full article from SI's Verducci on Hinch clarifying his answer..

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