Wex's Wild Card Weekend Breakdown

Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons

Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons

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Colts at Bills – If the Colts can run the ball effectively, they can keep Buffalo’s offense off the ball and possibly keep them out of sync. That’s their only chance. More Rivers, means good news for Bills. I think the Bills have the right mojo going into this game and Allen is just that good now. PICK: BILLS

Rams at Seahawks – no real homefield advantage is a huge deal for the Rams. Not having a strong quarterback though is a real downer. I think this is a pretty even matchup, but Russell Wilson tilts the scale in the Seahawks favor, even with him having a rough time against the Rams in their 2 games when they sacked him 11 times. PICK: SEAHAWKS

Buccaneers at Football Team – Everything that Chase Young has said since this matchup was set has been awesome. Love it. He wants Brady, because Brady is the goat. Bring on the challenge. I think the Football Team’s defense is up to the task and will present a real challenge for the Bucs and Brady. The problem is Washington’s offense is just not good and the matchup against the Bucs defense is not a good one. PICK: BUCS


Ravens at Titans – This is the wild card game I’m most excited to see. I want to see Lamar Jackson deliver a phenomenal postseason performance – he’s got the matchup to do it against. Titans have one of the worst defenses in the NFL against the pass and they probably need to focus on stopping the run since the Ravens have been rolling lately and finished the season averaging over 190 rushing per game. This might be the fastest game in recent playoff memory if the Ravens can’t slow down Derrick Henry either. PICK: TITANS

Bears at Saints – This is the wild card I’m least excited to see. Even though the Bears are clearly a better team with Trubisky who split starts with Nick Foles, it was Foles that nearly guided the Bears to an upset over the Saints in Chicago earlier this season. The Saints defense is strong and Brees knows every game could be his last with the Saints. This one isn’t it. PICK: SAINTS

Browns at Steelers – Much more intriguing than last week when Mason Rudolph nearly pushed the Steelers, who were resting players, past the Browns who needed to clinch a playoff berth. A Browns win is a near certainty if Baker Mayfield plays well in his first playoff start, since their running game should be there and the matchup against Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense is one I think the Browns defense can handle. I’m not expecting a disaster game from Mayfield, but I’m not expecting excellence either. PICK: STEELERS