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SEAN JONES is a former pro football defensive end, who played for the Los Angeles Raiders (1984-1987), Houston Oilers (1988-1993), and the Green Bay Packers (1994-1996). Jones was selected to the Pro Bowl after the 1993 season, and won a Super Bowl with the Packers in '96. Jones brings years of front-office and playing experience to the 790 airwaves. 

JAYSON BRADDOCK Jayson spent the first half of his life in Florence, South Carolina, growing up a die-hard Clemson fan. In 1998, he was offered an opportunity to move to Houston and he jumped at the chance. It was in 2010 when SportsTalk 790 and Dylan Gwinn gave Braddock a chance on radio as "The Mighty Scout". That was the beginning of a relationship that would evolve into him being one of the most respected opinions in Houston sports.


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