"SOTT's" Creator, Patrick Starr in ICU

 My friend & colleague, Pat Starr was in a horrific car accident that took the life of his father & placed Pat in ICU.

I found out today that Patrick D. Starr (@PatDstat on twitter), who created the website, "State of the Texans" for the Houston Texans diehard fans, was involved in a horrific car accident recently.  Sadly, his father was lost in the accident and Pat has been in ICU ever since.

Over the years I've grown an admiration for the man.  He & I have a path that have ran parallel in the Houston media market.  Pat and I both worked day jobs for years, while raising 4 kids, all while trying to cut out a piece of the Houston media market for ourselves.  Biggest difference between us...Pat raised his 4 kids alone.  My wife could be mother of the year and takes care of a huge chunk of our parental responsibilities.  I've been in awe for years at how Pat maintained the work ethic to balance multiple careers, family, etc.  

Not only did Pat cut out a piece of this market, he's built himself into the #1 Houston Texans content provider, anywhere!  Pat gives this market his time, his passion and research that is so welcomed and needed.  He doesn't cover the 1% news in Houston.  He takes the fans deep and gives them the coverage that he & I once longed for as fans.

I admire Pat.  I love Pat.  He's provided a value and service for Houston for years.  It's time that Houston steps up and takes care of Pat and his wonderful family.  I cried repeatedly today thinking about Pat's kids that have spent most of their life without their mother.  Now they lose their grandfather and their 1 parental figure is in ICU.  

I've never been as proud to be a Houstonian as the days, weeks, months to follow Hurricane Harvey.  We proved at that time that Houston is Family.  I ask that you share that love again with one of your own that needs you.  Here's a link to contribute thru his GoFundMe account (no amount is too small). 


We love you, Pat!  Get well, get back and know Houston's got your back!

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