Texans coaches, PR, media & fans step up big!

Texans coaches, PR, media & fans step up big!

I wrote yesterday about Patrick D. Starr (@patdstat), the founder of the "State of the Texans" website and the horrific accident that he was in a few weeks ago.  That accident took the life of his father and placed Pat in ICU, where he still remains but is getting better daily.  

In yesterday's article I attached the GoFundMe page that Pat's brother started.  Others in the Houston media family also shared the GoFundMe page and even "rival" sites like "TexansWire", "Battleredblog" etc all decided that it was more important to help the man and his family, then worry about shining a positive light on a competitor, as they, too, wrote about Pat and his situation.

Today I was moved when I saw that Pat's page was already over $10,000.  I was even more moved to scroll through the list of 200+ contributors and see that the list was made up of mostly names I knew (sidenote: huge kudos to the anonoymous donators, too!).  They were made up of twitter diehard fans, sports talk callers, sports talk hosts, former Texans player's parents, current Texans players, Houston Chronicle employees, Houston Texans public relations, and even the head coach of the football team that Pat has covered for the last 5+ years, and his lovely wife, Colleen. 

I've been hard on Bill O'Brien as a Head Coach but I've always said that you have to seperate the man from the coach.  I've never had an issue with the man, himself.  In fact, I admire Billy O and the entire O'Brien family.  O'Brien has an unique understanding of seperating life from sports / work (as seen in attached video below).

I've always heard, "No good deed goes unpunished".  Well, it's time to update this outdated saying, because in Houston, "No good deed goes unnoticed!"

Kudos to the men and women who contributed to Pat and his family and once again reminds us all, that #HoustonIsFamily !

The top 3 contributors listed under Pat's GoFundMe page:

  1. Bill O'Brien -     $1,000
  2. Texans PR -         $500
  3. Colleen O'Brien - $500

Others from the Houston Media community & Texans ties:

  1. Seth Payne
  2. Amanda & Jon Weeks (Texans Pro Bowl LS and his lovely, wife)
  3. Bernadette Sizemore (Arian Foster's mother)
  4. Randy McIlvoy 
  5. Stephanie Stradley
  6. Deepi Sidhu
  7. Matt Thomas
  8. Aaron Wilson
  9. Mike Meltser
  10. Sarah Barshop
  11. Dave Zangaro
  12. Charles Spencer
  13. Michael Connor
  14. Joe Goodberry
  15. Ben DuBose
  16. Greg Rajan
  17. Alex Del Barrio
  18. Patrick Creighton
  19. Chris Gordy

Matt Thomas was also raised the most money from sharing the GoFundMe link $1,265!!!

I salute you all!

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