Sean & Adam try to Convince Braddock to Get a Pedi

Sean Jones and Adam Clanton routinely try to convince their co-host on "The Bottom Line", Jayson Braddock, to catch up with the 21st century and peel back some of the machismo.  But the line in the sand has been drawn with the pedicure.  The line that divides the old guard vs the new.  On one side is the new, more thoughtful man.  He goes to get couples pedicures with his significant other.  He says, "No, you go out with the girls!  I'll stay home with the kids."  He routinely shares emojis with other adult men and both parties find it "cute".  He says the word "cute".  He fluently speaks the Dark Lord's native tongue of Starbuck-ian!  He holds hands in public (proudly, swinging at times) despite being above the age of 16.  These are the Sean Jones and Adam Clanton's of the world.

On the other side of the line?  Well, they're simple beings.  Their thought process doesn't exist much past two grunts and a fart, but they've made their peace with it.  Their simple core principle?  Basically vomit at the sight or even mention of anything the above male(s) do(es).

After hearing the worlds greatest sports talk show ("The Bottom Line" 3-6 pm CST - SportsTalk790), Charles Barkley was (allegedly) moved to contact SNL and write and perform in an original skit in which he would perform the role of his favorite sports talk host and future NFL Hall of Famer, Sean Jones.  Kenan Thompson personally requested the role of his favorite "voice artist", Adam Clanton.  The role of "meathead" was loosely based on Jayson Braddock.  

(DISCLAIMER:  Obviously, none of the above story is true but I want to make sure and add this disclaimer as I don't want to be sued by Mr. Barkley.  We all know how petty Barkley can be, especially with his odd hate for Houston.  His subtle shot at Houston on SNL was not missed, *unlike most of his shots during his 4 seasons in Houston.)

*STATISTICAL NOTE: Charles Barkley actually did have his 4 lowest shooting % seasons in Houston...all 4.  That's 100% suck in his 4 seasons in Houston, out of his entire 16 season career.  SIDENOTE:  He also never averaged 20.0 ppg in any of his 4 seasons in Houston (16.3 PPG average over his 4 seasons with the Rockets --- Basically what Gerald Green averages when he gets routine minutes.  SIDENOTE:  Gerald Green was signed off the and could outproduce what Charles Barkley did for the Houston Rockets).  So, again, why is he the one who's so bitter?  You're the lemon in this purchase, Chuck, we're the disgruntled buyer.  --- Houston

Now on to the video.  In the below skit you'll see what it actually looks like in the current male culture as the new age man tries to convert the old testament men from their fire and brimstone approach to feminine ways.  The "meathead" tries to withstand the onslaught of what is alien to him.

The Bottom Line with Jones & Braddock

The Bottom Line with Jones & Braddock

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