MLB Insider: Astros In Nelson Cruz Sweepstakes


Why wouldn't the Astros do this? Is there a more perfect bat to fit in the heart of the Astros order? Here are a few numbers to make hammer home this point...

37- The number of home runs hit by Nelson Cruz last season

97- The number of runs driven in by Nelson Cruz last season. 

5- The number of times Nelson Cruz has been an All-Star in the last six seasons. 

He'd look really good batting 5th in this lineup. Plus, lets be real, many of us doubt Carlos Correa as a the clean up man. I know he battled injuries last season, but it appeared he was pretty healthy for the last month plus. Perhaps he was dealing with more of a mental issue as opposed to a physical issue? I don't know this for a fact, but it seemed that way. I mean, the guy was afraid to swing hard according to AJ Hinch. 

Let's operate under the assumption that Correa will start the season as the clean up man. I'm fine with that. But, wouldn't it be nice to have the consistently powerful bat of Cruz either batting 5th or potentially taking over the clean up spot? I think so. 

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