Innes: Andre Johnson Is A Coward In Regards To Bob McNair

Andre Johnson had every opportunity to defend his former owner while he was alive. McNair is seemingly a great individual who did amazing things for the community and other than using an antiquated term, has never done anything remotely racist. 

I don't think Andre Johnson is being dishonest in his comments about McNair's passing. I'm sure he is truly appreciative of everything McNair did for him. My issue with Andre was his unwillingness to defend McNair while he was being raked over the coals. He appeared on Arian Foster's podcast and did nothing to dispel any of the accusations being heaved at his former employer. 

Why can you be so supportive of a man in death, but turn your back during a time he needed support. I bet McNair could have used the public support of the most prominent black player in Texans history. All he got from Johnson was innuendo and assumptions. McNair deserved better. 

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