Innes: Add Deshaun Watson To The List Of Hypocrites

Yesterday I called Andre Johnson a coward because he didn't support Bob McNair until after his death. I stand by that. Andre is a great player and a good person. I truly believe that. I also believe it is cowardly to let someone's reputation be destroyed while you know the accusations he faces are untrue. 

Last night, Deshaun Watson played a great game. I admire him as a player and I believe he's a good dude. I'm glad he's in Houston. He spoke glowingly about Bob McNair at the podium after last night's game. He said McNair contacted his mother while she was battling cancer. He wants to make his former owner proud. He clearly thinks highly of this man and his character. Why wait until he's dead to say this? Did something happen over the course of a year to change his opinion? One year ago, when McNair-Mania was at a fever pitch, why didn't the Texans star QB tell the world that his owner was a good person? Why didn't he tell the world that he disagreed with his statement, but he's not an evil racist? 

I imagine that a man dying of cancer could have used public support from someone for whom he did so much.

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