Hi, I'm Tyler And I'm Going To Eat 24 Hot Dogs In 4 Hrs On Air Tomorrow

Hey Houston, my name is Tyler Soto. Some of you may know me as "Heavy-T" on The Sean Salisbury Show. And, on that show tomorrow, I am going to attempt and, hopefully, succeed in eating 24 hot dogs in 4 hours. If I do succeed, I will be $250 richer.

It originally started by me pitching the idea saying, "Hey, it's 4th of July weekend. They have the national hot dog eating contest on the 4th every year. So for tomorrow, how would you guys feel if I downed as many hot dogs as I could during the 4 hour show?" Sean and Michael were all for it. Sean was so in for it that he said if I get to 24 hot dogs (averages to 6 an hour), that he would give me $200. On top of that, our friend from In The Trenches, ND Kalu, agreed to throw in another $50 if I hit 24. Who knows, maybe the prize pool will grow. If not, that's fine. $250 is $250.

Can I do it? Possibly. I have the upmost confidence in myself. I've seen what guys like Joey Chestnut do when they chow down hot dogs. It's not easy. But, I have belief in myself.

Why am I doing it? Well, a small part is that coming in for a morning show is rough because I don't get breakfast while I work. So, I'm usually hungry during the show anyway. The bigger part of that though is this. I'm doing it because I love my job. I love having fun. I love giving my opinion to you listeners and interacting with you guys on social media or on air. And, I love making content for you guys. Even if it is stuffing hot dogs in my mouth at 6am. In doing this, some may call me a madman. And, I'm okay with that.

Tune in to The Sean Salisbury Show tomorrow from 6a-10a as I attempt this feat. I will be doing a few live streams during the show on the station Facebook page, SportsTalk 790. I may puke on air, so if that happens, I'll definitely be clipping that audio (and possibly video). In which case, pray for me. Or, I may defeat the challenge and claim my prize. Only one way to find out. Let's ride.

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