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A Boston Radio Station Is Running An All Time Bad Promo Around Tom Brady

I need you, yes you reading this, to take a quick survey for me.

Are you a Patriots fan?

Do you bleed silver, red and blue for your team?

Are you a diehard fan?

Do you hold grudges and possibly have anger issues?

Do you know how to take a video on your phone?

Would you do anything for free tickets?

Do you hate Tom Brady?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, well then do I have the promotion for you!

So Tom Brady, the G.O.A.T., the ageless wonder, the man who broke my heart in Super Bowl 51 (still f***ing hate you for that Brady), the guy who made New England possibly the greatest franchise in NFL history, yeah, that guy is making his triumphant return into Foxboro, the place that he called home for 20 years. The prodigal son is returning and, to add even more of a story line to the game, he's on pace to break the all time passing yards record in his old home. He only needs 68 more yards, so, unless he gets hurt early in the game, he will most certainly break the record, giving New England fans one more lasting memory of their former king.

And yet, despite all that he's done for Boston and the New England area, a local Boston radio station is offering free tickets to the game to anyone who makes a video on why they hate Tom Brady.

This has to rank among the all time worst radio promotions in the history of time. The comments and quote tweets to this original tweet would suggest so.

That's just some of the tweets in response to the promotion. And yes, you definitely read that last tweet right, this promotion is indeed coming from the flagship station of the Patriots.

Imagine working for this station, Brady brings you six, SIX, Super Bowl titles, brings you listeners, ratings and revenue due to all his success, and this is how you repay him. What an absolute joke. Honestly, this would be like the flagship of the Chicago Bulls running the same contest when Michael Jordan came back as a Wizard.

I honestly don't have anything left to say other than it's because of stuff like this as to why people hate New England and Boston. I hate Brady, and I mean, I HATE BRADY. But, even then, when I look at his entire body of work, you have to have respect for him and acknowledge he's the best to ever do it.

Fortunately, it seems that Patriot fans also know this and have the same amount of respect because, as far as I can tell, no fan has yet to respond to that tweet with a video of why they hate Tom Brady. And, they shouldn't. For once, Boston fans do something right.

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