The Dodgers Are In The NLCS In 2021 While The Fans Are Still Stuck In 2017

In 2017, The Astros won the World Series in Game 7 in Los Angeles in front of a Dodgers crowd. The fans across the city were sad, upset, disappointed and pissed off. The Astros weren't supposed to do it. It was supposed to be the Dodgers year. The first year since 1988 they won it all. But, that night in 2017, it was the Astros night. The Dodgers would have to wait.

In early 2020, the scandal broke. The Astros cheated their way to the 2017 with sign stealing. Dodger fans and the players as well became more pissed about that night two and a half years before.

Fast forward to October 2020. It was finally the Dodgers time. They won it all. Finally, the fans had a championship to celebrate. A championship to call their own.

It's 2021. The Dodgers are in their 4th NLCS in the last five years. They nearly mirror the Astros who are playing in their 5th ALCS in five years. Each team has one World Series win in the last five years. The Dodgers have made three World Series appearances in that span. The Astros have made two. In some ways, they are equals, an exact replica.

Even with all of the Dodgers success, all their star players, all their prowess, the fans still wont let go of 2017. Nearly four years later, the Astros are still front and center in the mind of Dodger fans.

It's sad at this point. Dodger fans, you guys won a title a year ago! Enjoy it! Why are you still crying? Why!?!

I don't understand. I really don't.

The easiest way to compare it is like if you just got remarried a year ago and yet the only thing you can still talk about with your new wife is how your ex wife cheated on you and did you dirty. You have someone new! Go enjoy being with that person!

Like Michael Jordan said, "Stop it. Get some help."

You have a title. Your team is back in the NLCS. Go. Go enjoy that.

Or, sit there and sulk about something from nearly four years ago. I don't give a f***. Just know, you look pathetic if you do

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