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This is from listener "Harvey."  I don't think he's happy with me...I didn't respond.  I don't really need a reply back..

Hello,...i won't go into what "dlymolya" stands for,...maybe Ross can figure it out. I am a sports talk show listener since the Ken Silversteen, Kenny Hand, Ed Fowler, etc. days. I'm pushing 70, started watching sports in 1957 on a tiny b & w TV. I am not going to open my mouth and stand firmly behind a sports subject unless i KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. It may sound silly, but i personally boycott certain shows, Gregg on the 10 to 12 show, who hung up on me 3 1/2 years ago because i asked him a question which, if he would have answered, would have poo-pooed a subject he was pushing. The other day, i was listening to your show which had just started, and you asked for some Case Keenum supporters to call and voice their support, and i did. The theme of my call was how so many sports jocks, radio, TV, and newspaper seem to bang this "Case was a failure in Houston" drum. YOU,...exercising that talk show bravado you guys can with your mute buttons, went into a rant saying i was making up "excuses" for Case's struggles here, and then you REALLY "lymolya", saying Tom Savage had as much lack of offensive support as Case did. Since you obviously are oblivious of the facts, allow me to correct you, position by position. (1) Case had a ROOKIE running back, just recently starting due to Arian Foster's injury, that's IT. Tom Savage has WHAT WAS Miami's starting back, The U of T's star back, and one considered in the Heisman race, AND a SEASONED Alfred Blue. NO CONTEST! (2) Case had Andre Johnson in his last year here, and a rookie in DeAndre Hopkins, who, in his rookie season dropped more balls than he caught. Tom Savage has a future hall of fame prospect, and 3 other PRETTY GOOD options, including those running backs, to throw to. NO CONTEST! (3) Case had a tight end that had to be recruited off the practice Squad to play the position. Tom Savage has a full compliment of options at that position, superstars, but FARRRRR better than Case had. NO CONTEST! (4) Not sure which offensive line was worse, Case's or Tom's, so i'll give that position a PUSH. (5) Now, coaching. Case's coach was carted off the field with either a stroke or a heart attack during the season, who he worked with maybe 1/2 a year, and Tom Savage has worked with O'Brian for over 4 years,...HERE ALONE! NO CONTEST.

I enjoy talk radio, especially sports, and i occasionally enjoy calling in, if i have an opinion, or, IN THIS CASE, am asked to call in and give fodder, which i was in the process of doing, only to have HIS MAJESTY, KING "MT", basically tell this caller (me) to take a hike. Well, good luck building a fan base with piece of bunk attitude like your's,...and,...very important, the future,...dlymolya. Going forward, i'll hate it when 12:00 comes,... and CAN'T WAIT till 3:00 comes.

                                                             YOU GO CASE KEENUM!!!      

Ok more's @sportsmt Blessing # 2

Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas

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