My March Madness Weekend

“Can you take 5 for 5?- My trip to Indianapolis 

1) The game was terrible. The Coogs had to play a perfect game against Baylor and came where close to that. The Bears meanwhile are an excellent team. They will give Gonzaga fits Monday night. I didn’t stay for the second game. I needed cheaper food and beer. What a finish! Leaving my house at 4:00am Saturday, I was asleep within a minute of that final Zags shot.

2). We had great Cougar representation. Lots of bars and restaurants had Cougar fans pregaming and postgaming. It so fun meeting so many of you. I even did a personalized “Good Morning Strippers” for a listener on his phone.

3). The vibe in Lucas Oil Stadium was terrible. The game certainly didn’t help. They only used half the stadium for seating but we were all super spread out and far from the court. I know the NCAA wants revenue in the future. However big stadium dome games eliminate a lot of the big game feel to the event. 

4). The shrimp cocktail at St. Elmo’s Steak House is one my favorite appetizers anywhere. The cocktail sauce was heavy horseradish makes the hair on my back stick up. But seriously I could eat it twice a week easy.

5) I was texting and tweeting a lot yesterday. I was also watching via Facebook live my daughter play volleyball in a tournament In Philadelphia. Battery life was a constant issue. Indianapolis has a great downtown with lots of bars abs restaurants. However, I got lost going to dinner last night and had zero power on my phone. I had to go a strange bar to sit and charge my phone. When it powered back up, I determined my one wrong turn turned into a mile plus walk in the wrong direction. I did however set a new record (at least as measured by my phone) of 17,000 steps. Thus I felt no guilt with beer and pasta for my late dinner.

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