Must Admit Monday, Hear Me Out!

1). I must admit I’ll be out all this week on a side work trip to LA. Because of a non disclosure agreement, I can not tell you what it is right now but can likely do so in September. I’m not auditioning for anything and it’s not a tv appearance (I wish it was for The Price is Right). But it is very cool and I’m sure many of you will find it quite interesting when I can reveal what I’m doing. 

2). I must admit that “middle seat guy” taking up both arm rests is very irritating. We should split it 50/50. I’m sorry you got stuck in the middle but let’s at least share. Oh by the way, “recline seat guy” is still a D.

3). I must admit I am very proud of my son Peyton who graduated from Covenant Preparatory School on Saturday. He was one of 16 seniors in his class. 

My son has Asberger’s. The small class size and culture in that school was just what he needed. His class is a very close knit group and I couldn’t be more prouder of him. He will attend Prairie View A&M in the fall with plans to transfer to Texas A&M after his freshman year. Peyton plans on being a history major. 

4). I must admit I’ll be going to a sports bar in LA to watch the Astros and Dodgers play Tuesday and Wednesday. It be weird silently rooting for the Astros to win. You see I don’t want my car keyed. Admit it, you’d do the same. If the Astros bullpen doesn’t get its act together, the Dodgers might be in for a good trip to Minute Maid Park. 

5) The final hour of the PGA Championship was amazing. The crowd at Kiawah Island was literally out of control. I’m glad no one got hurt. Phil is a super gazillionaire but still seems approachable. Very few pro golfers are. Congrats Lefty!

Photos: Getty Images