D'Onta Foreman Showing Big Play Ability for the Houston Texans

For two preseason games in a row, Houston Texans running back D’Onta Foreman has shown the big play ability that he had at the University of Texas. This time, his best moment came on a 63-yard catch and run which saw him running away from defenders and breaking tackles on a big gain. Foreman is showing he has a knack for delivering a big play when the offense really needs him to produce.

“I went out there and he (Deshaun Watson) gave me the signal. I just wanted to win,” Foreman said of his big catch. “I went inside and looked for the ball. He threw me the ball and then I was loose. I was mad I didn’t score though.”

Foreman had 84 total yards with one rushing touchdown on nine total touches in the Texans preseason win over the New England Patriots. He is making sure that the Texans keep him in mind when they start developing offensive packages for the regular season.

“It really comes from my coaches,” Foreman said of his big play ability. They’re putting me in the right situations to where my line is blocking for me and where the quarterback can find me when I’m open.”

He continued, “Ultimately, I’m just going out there trying to give the best I can give every day, even at practice. That’s where it starts at practice. I try to go out there and work hard every day so when I come to the game, it just goes normal for me and I’m not thinking as much when I’m out there.”

This preseason, Foreman has had 16 carries for 93 yards while averaging 5.8 yards a carry and catching 4 passes for 72 yards. The Texans were elated to have Foreman drop to them in the third round for the exact play making ability he is showing in the preseason.

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