Rockets Defeat the Knicks 117-102

After a slow start early in the 1st quarter, the Rockets managed to bounce back and take advantage of the Knicks who were missing Kristaps Porzingis and Enes Kanter due to back injuries. 

The Rockets were trailing by 22 points just 6 minutes into the game, but were able to get within 3 points by halftime.  

Everything changed in the 3rd quarter with the Rockets scoring 37 while holding the Knicks to just 13. 

James Harden lead the team in scoring with 37 points, and Chris Paul lead the team in assists with 13.  

After the game, Harden spoke about the slow start saying, "Every game isn't going to be perfect.  Obviously, you want it to be, we showed some resilience, we bounced back, and we got a win."

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