High Drama in Rockets Loss to Clippers

Chris Paul's return to the Staples Center against his former team did not go the way that he wanted.   The Rockets simply did not shoot well enough to win this game.  Houston was 40.4% from the field, and 13-for-44 from the 3-point line.  

A lot went down late in the 4th quarter, starting with an Eric Gordon layup that was blocked by Wesley Johnson.  Replay showed that Johnson should've been called for Goaltending since the ball hit the backboard before he touched it.  

This led to Mike D'Antoni yelling on the sidelines, and Blake Griffin yelling back and bumping into D'Antoni as he ran down the court.  Griffin then posted up on Chris Paul, and made the bucket while being fouled.  After the play, D'Antoni and Griffin exchanged some unkind words, which led to both of them being charged for Technical Fouls.  Chris Paul also got in Griffin's face to stand up for his coach.  

A couple of minutes later, Trevor Ariza ripped Griffin's tights while Blake was driving.  Not too long after that, Griffin was fouled while catching an inbound ball near the sidelines, and slammed the ball hard off of Gordon's upper back.  This was an attempt to keep possession as the ref blew the whistle for the foul as Griffin threw the ball, but it was close to the head area. 

Griffin made both free throws, but was shoved by Ariza after the second attempt.  Austin Rivers, who has been out for two weeks due to injury, said something to Ariza from the bench.  Ariza responded to him, but then Blake Griffin got in his face.  The ref's immediately tossed Griffin, and then Ariza after he went back to yell at Rivers.  

The last minute of the game went by fast.  The Rockets got the ball back with 9 seconds left, but just placed it on the court before heading to the back.  The Clippers won 113 to 102.  

There were reports that James Harden, Trevor Ariza, and Gerald Green went into the Clippers locker room, but security got involved before anything turned physical.

The Rockets and Clippers next matchup is February 28th in the Staples Center.

D'Antoni says Harden could return this week, if he's not suspended for entering the Clippers locker room.

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