Matt On A Monday

Dateline Houston 3:57pm- at a Panera Bread in Memorial City Mall...

5 Random Thoughts before I head into town for tonight's Rockets game..

1)  Packed for Dallas and New Orleans the next 2 Rockets stops...I've been both places a million times.  The New Orleans food scene is amazing. Cafe Du Monde beignets are like crack to me.  I can't wait for 3:01 Thursday...I think I'll sprint to Harrah's.  #CraplessCraps

2)  I have Brady and Patriots fatigue.  I would root for the Eagles but 90 percent of the people I've met that either lived in or are from Philly are obnoxious jerks.  It's literally one of the few American cities I wouldn't consider living in...HOWEVER....the Philly Steaks are legit.

3)      WWE Raw is 25 years old tonight.  I've been a wrestling fan all my life.  However, today's wrestling doesn't interest me much. I am fascinated by the old stuff I can watch on You Tube.  The behind the scenes scenes stuff from Jim Cornette's podcast is addictive.  I've met many of sports' biggest stars.  I'd do anything to buy Jim Cornette lunch and pepper him with hundreds of questions.

4)   Answer this question:  If I gave you a chance to automatically learn how the piano or automatically learn a foreign language, which would you decide?  My choice:  I'd become a Piano Man...


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