Connor: The Five Best Left Handed Athletes In Houston Sports History

It's national left handers day so let's come up with a list off the very top of my head of the best left handed athletes in Houston sports history. I look forward to the many tweets I get to this very non-serious list that I have put together.

1) James Harden

Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors - Game One

Beard. MVP. Scoring know the resume of James Harden. Now please go win a title already so people will stop the hot takes.

2) Yordan Alvarez

Colorado Rockies v Houston Astros

That's right I did it...I put the Yorgod as the second best already and don't even think about trying to get me off this take. He is breaking records set by Ted Williams, people. TED FREAKING WILLIAMS. James Harden better watch out because Yordan is charging already for that top spot.

3) Jose Cruz

Houston Astros

Apologies to the GOAT that is Jose Cruz and his family...I hope you're reading this, Enrique. He would be number two but I'm hear for the bacon sizzles takes I will get from putting Yordan at the number two spot. Now watch this video and add eating a Whataburger with Jose Cruz to your bucket list in life.

4) Lance Berkman

Houston Astros v New York Yankees

Forget the right handed part of Lance Berkman. The lefty version was a flat out monster and his cat like reflexes in the field make his GOAT status reach another level.

5) Matt Leinart

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars

I felt obligated to include one Texans player and how could I not add the god that was Matt Leinart. If his stupid collarbone didn't break, he'd probably still be playing here, stacking rings, cashing checks and driving Range Rovers. The sports gods had to rob us of the glorious career in Houston that was off to a 10-13 start for 57 yards and a TD that beautiful day in Jacksonville. For some stupid reason I don't see any of his glorious highlights on youtube so click here to how beautiful it was.

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