Michael Connor Makes His MLB Postseason Predictions

The time has finally arrived...the MLB Postseason is here people!!! So like we do before the season starts, it is time to make predictions on how the postseason plays out.

Wild Card Games:

Rays beat A's

Nationals beat Brewers


Astros beat Rays in 4 games

Yankees beat Twins in 4 games


Braves beat Cardinals in 3 games

Dodgers beat Nationals in 4 games


Astros beat Yankees in 6 games


Dodgers beat Braves in 7 games

World Series:

Astros beat Dodgers in 6 games

Awards Predictions:

ALCS MVP: Yordan Alvarez

NLCS MVP: Cody Bellinger

World Series MVP: Alex Bregman

So yes, I took the homer pick and picked the Astros to win it all, but why the hell not? They're the best team in the league with the best two pitchers going in the game right now, supported by the deepest lineup in the league. So here's to 11 more wins for the Astros and another party in the city we love!

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