NCAA Football Game Finally Returns

The beloved NCAA Football video game is finally returning to your favorite console! Fans have been clamoring for EA Sports to make a new NCAA Football video game every year since 2014. The last time EA put out a College Football game, the NCAA was being challenged in court by Ed O'Bannon over the use of player's likenesses for commercial purposes. The game didn't have players names automatically included in the game, instead replaced with just a "QB #2 on Texas A&M" aka Johnny Manziel, but would make sure everything but the name was as close to the real life counterpart as possible.

With the Supreme Court planning to hear arguments on the topic of NCAA players compensation at the end of March (NCAA vs Alston), there could be a resolution to the issue that originally stopped the game from being created on the horizon. However, even if there is no resolution, EA Sports says they will make the game even without the NCAA and player likeness rights. Instead EA will collaborate with the Collegiate Licensing Company which provides rights to the Universities, Conferences, Traditions, Bowl Games, the Heisman, and more to make the game. If a resolution over player likenesses does happen, EA will then be able to try and obtain the rights so they can include realistic rosters as well.

The game does not have a release date and todays announcement was mostly to just let the fans know that the games development is in the works, no matter what happens in the courts. Like many, I am thrilled to see the game finally return. Now, lets just hope it's better than Madden and not just a reskin of the pro football game that has been crushed for its lack of changes and improvement in recent years.

Currently if you want to buy NCAA Football 14, the last time the game was made, you would have a tough time. On amazon, the game is only available for PS3 through off site sellers for $180.

Last NCAA game made

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