Must Admit Monday - AJ Hinch, The Masters, Biopics + More

This will be a regular feature on my blog. So check in with me each Monday where I "Must Admit”...

1.)  “I must admit” I tried watching the Masters for several hours on Sunday. There was no Astros game so I gave the major a chance. I enjoy playing golf. Watching it is more of a chore. A major Sunday I can do if the players are recognizable to me. Honestly, I fell asleep on multiple occasions. Maybe it’s because I’ve had a long week with this being my only day off for a while. But the drama on Sunday was limited and I really missed watching the Astros and the ability to change the channel to watch more than 1 event at once.

2.) "I must admit” I watched 2 biopics this weekend and enjoyed them both. “The Founder” with Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc who took McDonalds from a small family business to the one of the biggest franchises in the world today. Kroc was a rascal. No spoilers here! I also watched “Judy” starring Renee Zilweger on Judy Garland’s final year on Earth. No strong attachment to her acting or singing, but Garland’s life story of fame/drugs/alcohol is sad. She had to be the first child actor to really of the young actors to get treated badly by Hollywood.

3.) "I must admit” my middle son and I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast for dinner Sunday night. They still don’t have the golf tee triangle game on the table. You suck COVID! A generation of young people may never get to experience playing that game while waiting for their eggs and hash brown casserole

4.) “I must admit” I’m curious to see what the reaction will be for AJ Hinch. It needs to be warm and appreciative. You’ve forgiven the players easily. You should do the same for the former manager.

5.) “I must admit” I don’t cook when my wife and daughter are out of town with volleyball competition and I’m here in Houston working. Me and the middle son eat out a lot. I have a new constant favorite these days….Chinese ribs in sweet and sour sauce. May like them more than with BBQ sauce. Don’t @ me.

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