Reliever Gets Called Up From AAA, Proceeds To Hit A Grand Slam Off Mad Max

Daniel Camarena. Who is he? I'll tell you. He is a little known relief pitcher in the Padres farm system. He was called up from AAA baseball yesterday and came in to the game early for the Padres for pitching mop up duty. Then he did this...

Absolutely incredible stuff here. And, it gets better. Here's the Spanish call of his grand slam.

And, guess what? IT GETS BETTER! His own family happened to be at the game and celebrated like only they could.

He even left the Nationals broadcast absolutely speechless. Although, I'm sure that it wasn't speechless in a good way.

Oh and this was only the 2nd at-bat of his career and he became the first relief pitcher to hit a Grand Slam since 1985! Have a day Daniel Camarena. Go off dude!

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