The Astros Continue To Live Rent Free In The Minds Of The Yankees

Another day goes by and the Astros still continue to live rent free in the mind of the New York Yankees and their employees and fans everywhere.

It's honestly laughable at this point. The Yankees of New York or the New York Yankees or those little bitches in NYC or whatever you want to call them, they will never fully recover from the obvious nightmares they still have from 2017 AND 2019. I capitalize "and" because, well, let's be real, when the Yankees (or any team from New York for that matter) lose, it's like Christmas for the rest of America.

Honestly, I think it's hilarious at this point. I don't think at any point in all of sports history has a team been mentally affected this much by one single team. And, the reason it's funny, and, in a way also sad, is because it may very well cost Yankees Manager Aaron Boone his job. I like Aaron Boone, I really do. But, he can't do anything to make the team forget about '17 and '19.

The Yankees will never fully recover until that team is completely stripped and rebuilt. For whatever reason, the Astros are a huge mental block for them, and, I can't understand why. I mean, the Dodgers got over that block and won a World Series, so, why can't the Yankees? Maybe it's because their overrated? Not that good? A complete shell of themselves? Who knows and, honestly, who the f*** cares? The Astros and their fans sure as hell don't.

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