Astro Fans: You Should Send Mariners GM Jerry "Stupid" Dipoto A Gift Basket

Oh boy, my old friend Jerry is at it again. When I say friend, I'm being beyond sarcastic. I hate Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto. He was the Angels GM back from 2011-2015 and he destroyed the team with some terrible signings and trades. He was the dumbass who brought in both Josh Hamilton and C.J. Wilson with horrendous contracts that set the Angels back years.

Astro fans however, you should all be singing this mans praises and sending him a gift basket. Astros GM James Click absolutely fleeced the Mariners in the trade for Kendall Graveman. They only had to trade away Abraham Toro, who, when Alex Bregman is healthy again, doesn't exactly have a spot on the field. They also traded away Joe Smith who, A.) was really struggling this year and B.) had a massive salary. The Astros grabbed that salary and sent in to Seattle in the form of a trash bag because that's exactly what this trade was for Seattle. Garbage. Complete and utter garbage.

This trade for Seattle was so bad that the Mariners players were absolutely livid according to Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times. Seattle is on the cusp of making their first playoff appearance since 2001 and Dipoto just ripped the team apart in the middle of the season. Let me say that again, 2001! I was 9 years old the last time they made the playoffs!

And yet, that's what makes this trade so great for Astros fans. Not only did you get a top reliever on the market, that reliever came from a potential playoff team and, even better, a division rival. Now the Mariners are going to do what they always do, completely collapse and wither away. And, it's all thanks to James Click taking advantage of a brain dead clown sitting in that GM chair in Seattle. Congrats on destroying another AL West franchise Jerry. Thanks for paving the way for the Astros to get to the postseason. Send me your address so the city of Houston can send you a gift basket. Hope you get it before your players burn your house down.

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