Giants Make A Joke, End Up Being The Punchline To Altuve's Joke

Ah s**t, here we go again. Another MLB team trying to be funny or mad at the sake of the Astros only to be the joke themselves. The A's did it earlier this year. The Indians did the same. We all remember the Yankees doing it only for Atluve to hit a soul crushing walk off homer against them. And, guess what? These teams don't learn because, the Giants made a joke last night.

HAHAHA GOOD ONE! SOOOOOOOOOO ORIGINAL! Like the Astros and the fans haven't heard that for the millionth time already. You think social media teams of actual professional teams would be, well, professional. But, hey, that's apparently too much to ask for.

Anyway, the Giants made a joke after Altuve's first at-bat. Cool. Jose Altuve has jokes too. And, it came at the sake of the Giants pitching staff.

You know what's better than one joke? Two jokes, with the second one being even better! And, Altuve definitely had another one of those.

Now that's funny!

There's so many jokes I can make about San Francisco. From the fact that the city is a dump, to the fact that they think they're heroes for banning plastic straws, to the fact that they'll always be the forgotten little brother to LA, to the fact that they were dumb enough to build a major city on a major faultline, to the fact that you have to be basically a millionaire to live in an overcrowded and foggy city that may also be the most overrated city in America. But, none of those jokes are as funny as Altuve making the Giants pitching staff his bitch.

The only joke that's funnier is that the Giants and their networks would post a joke like this after they supported arguably the biggest cheater for 14 years. But, hey, San Fran isn't ready to have that Barry Bonds conversation.

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