Madden Proves Yet Again Why The Game Itself Is Absolute Trash

Where are all my gamers at? How many of you play Madden? If you do, dear God, why?

I'm an Xbox guy through and through. I grew up with the original version and I've stuck with them to this very day. I'll get the new console eventually, just not today because, well, I'm poor.

I've also been a Madden guy for a long time. I started back in 2002 with Daunte Culpepper on the cover and have bought every version since. Well, that's changing because for the first time in 19 years, I'm not buying the game. The game has become worse and worse every year and now, EA has given me another reason to not pick up the game.

Okay, let's break this down because these overall team ratings are a disaster. And, I have three main problems with it.

#1) Dallas: There is no way in hell that the Dallas Cowboys are the 7th best team in the league. The offense, yes, I'll buy into that. The defense, hell no. Even with Dan Quinn (Falcons legend) as the DC there, I don't think that that defense is top 10 at all. Top 15, maybe. Top 10, no. That defense couldn't stop a nosebleed if they tried. There is also no way in hell that the Cowboys are a better team than both the Titans and Rams. Both, those teams would run up and down the field on Dallas.

#2) Denver and Seattle: First off, if you're gonna sit there and tell me that Seattle is a middle of the pack team that's not even in the Top 15, then you're smoking crack. Stop it. Get some help. Secondly, you're going to tell me that Denver, the team led by Drew Lock, has as good of a roster as Seattle does? Not only are you smoking crack, you're snorting more crack on top of that. You're also going to sit there, Madden, and tell me that the Saints, who have no clear QB, and the Patriots, who have a so-so defense and an old Cam Newton have a better team than Seattle? C'mon now, lets be realistic here guys.

#3) The entire last column: What the hell is happening here?! Don't get me wrong, every team in that column deserves to be there. I would maybe swap the Falcons with the Giants as far as who belongs there but that's the only change I would make. The order though, that's something completely different. You can't sit there with a straight face and tell me that the Texans AND the Eagles both have as good of a roster as the Falcons and a better roster than everyone below them. There's just no way. 5 teams worse than the Texans and Eagles???? Okay, the Lions, I could see that. Maybe, the Jets as well, But, the Panthers, Jaguars and Bengals? No. If you think that's true and Madden got it right, you might be overdosing on all the crack you had when you said Denver and Seattle are equal.

The point is this, these rankings prove that Madden has become just more and more of a trash franchise every year. From this to the awful gameplay mechanics, to the unrealistic "x-factor" ability of the star players, to the "pay to win" system in Madden ultimate team, to the fact that they can't get player likeness right, to the fact that the game itself is glitchy as f***, Madden is just absolute trash.

I am bummed that this is the first time in forever that I won't buy the game, but I won't regret it one bit. Catch me on MLB The Show. That's a real sports game right there.

Also, drugs are bad guys. Don't do that stuff or you'll end up like a Madden game creator. An absolute psycho.

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