Dodger Fans Made It Rain Last Night

Man, I'm exhausted. What a game last night. The first time I've ever stayed up til' about 1am to watch a baseball game since I moved here to Houston. And, it was on a workday. But, hell was it worth it. Sure am glad I saw it from home instead of in the stands at Dodger Stadium because it ended up raining last night.

"But, wait Tyler, California is on fire again and the state is dry as f***. How could it be raining?" Well, it wasn't raining rain drops. It wasn't raining money. It wasn't raining mana from heaven. BUT, THE FISTS AND FOOD WERE FLYING IN DODGER STADIUM! CHAOS IN L.A.!!!

BEER. HOT DOGS. KETCHUP. MUSTARD. PRETZELS. PIZZA. NACHOS. FISTS OF FURY. All of it was flying in the stands last night. Absolute chaos. Think of the children!

God, Dodger fans are so dumb. And, I want to make this clear. I'm not talking all Dodger fans. Just the ones who do stupid s***. I've seen Dodgers twitter, you guys who are nice and respectful, that's cool. I'm fine with that. Unfortunately, the majority of people who actually attend Dodger games at Dodger Stadium are as dumb as a box of rocks. Trust me I know. I've been to that stadium a ton and I unfortunately dated a couple of these morons. These fans are so dumb in fact, that they will literally FIGHT SECURITY.

Okay, enough with the fighting. Let's step back and look at some of the numbers from last night.

9 inflatable trash cans thrown. 42 "Astros sucks" chants. All that money spent on tickets, food, beer and parking. Countless people showing up in personalized gear, signs and costumes. All of that just to watch your team s*** the bed and throw up a literal goose egg. And, on top of that, the one that got away comes back to bite you in the ass.

Dodger fans are waking up miserable after that loss, punching the air right now, and then most likely crying after because they realize they spent all that money on Dodger related stuff instead of on their overpriced rent.

Meanwhile, Astro fans slept nice and peacefully last night with sweet dreams of Justin Verlander hoisting up the World Series trophy in the middle of Dodger Stadium. Some of you probably had Martin Maldonado show up in those dreams with that sexy slide and pose from last night.

We'll see what happens in the second game of this series tonight, but, honestly, it doesn't even matter. The damage has been done. Last night proved that Dodger fans can't fully appreciate the World Series win from last year because they are still so pissed at 2017. It's like you can't get over your ex because they left you for someone else that you absolutely hate. In this case, the World Series trophy ran off to Houston. And, Dodger fans can't stand it. Glad to see the Astros live in LA rent free. You love to see it.

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