The Man Nicknamed "Smoke" Is Choking On All Of The Smoke

Oh man, Dave Stewart. The one they call "Smoke." Well, my man Dave has been choking on all the smoke the past couple of days. But, why is he choking on the smoke? Let's take a quick recap, shall we?

The internet doesn't forget Dave! And, Astro fans especially don't forget. Apparently, Dave realizes this because he has gone on a blocking spree to anyone who comments on the video.

Oh Dave, don't you know that the tables can turn just like that? I mean, you should. Remember 1988, Dave? The A's, big favorites to win the World Series, then Kirk Gibson homered off your pal Dennis and the rest is history. The tables turned there.

How about 2014-2016? Remember your stint as GM for the D-backs? Something you worked your ass off for? Yeah, the tables turned for that too didn't it. It's cause you sucked Dave. You sucked as a GM.

Oh, and speaking of sucked, let's go back to 1985, Dave. Remember you picking up that prostitute? REMEMBER HOW THAT TURNED OUT DAVE?!? Yeah, the tables turned then for you too. Seems your whole life is just doing circles around you.

You should have seen this coming Dave. I mean the A's have been cheating for years. You played with two of the biggest cheaters of all time and yet, you're dare have the sheer audacity of calling the Astros cheaters? No Dave, it doesn't work like that. Cheaters cheat Dave. You would know since you cheated on your wife with a transvestite hooker. But hey, you do you man.

Just watch what you say Dave. Things on the internet, well, they live forever.

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