The Astros STILL Live Rent Free In The Minds Of The Yankees Broadcast Team

Another day goes by and still, after all this time, the Astros continue to live rent free in the minds of Yankee players, fans and their own broadcast team.

At this point, the Yankees need to clean house, and I mean CLEAN HOUSE. Get rid of everybody. Anyone who was there during 2017 and 2019, get them out. Because, for whatever reason, they always play the victim and have that mindset. Of course, it is New York, so that makes sense. Always playing the victim. "There's too many people here. My coffee is too cold. My maid didn't dust the picture frames. The Astros cheated us out of rings 28 and 29."

If Hal Steinbrenner wants to really win and be anything like the owner his dad was, then he needs to fire and let go of everyone who has the "Astros took everything from us" mindset. His dad would have never stood for a little bitch mentality like that.

Meanwhile, Astro fans, continue to enjoy this. Because, for now, three things in this life will always remain true. Death. Taxes. And, the Astros living rent free in New York City.

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