Alex Bregman And The Skeeters Had Some Fun At The (AAA) Dodgers Expense

As many of you know, Astros star Alex Bregman has been rehabbing his injuries and getting back into the flow of things down with the AAA Sugar Land Skeeters.

Well as fate would have it, the Skeeters played the Dodgers this weekend. No, not those Los Angeles Dodgers. It was their little brother, the AAA Oklahoma City Dodgers. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

So they played a weekend series. Okay, that's normal. Well during this normal game on Friday night, the Dodgers, they decided to go the funny and original route with this tweet.

I would like to take this time to note that that is a posted picture of a tweet. Not an actual tweet. Which means only one thing. THIS IS AN OFFICAL DELETED TWEET ALERT! SOUND THE ALARM!!! DELETED! TWEET! ALERT!

Anyhow, the series continued to the next game on Saturday night and, I'm gonna be real here, it didn't get off to a great start.

Okay, no big deal, just 11 runs. Well, the Skeeters saw those 11 runs and decided to match it.

Well there's only one thing to do after you make a comeback from 11-0. You have to go out and win the whole damn thing. And, that's exactly what happened.

The best part about this? Bregman didn't even play in that comeback game. The Skeeters did it all on their own. They avenged him with the win. Okay, maybe they didn't mean to do that exactly, but still, it sounds cool.

Let the record show that it doesn't matter if it's the Dodgers major league team or their minor league Dodgers, The Astros and their farm system will always be the Dodgers' daddy.

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